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Staff Augmentation - Virtual IT staffing solutions

Looking for a trustable virtual IT staffing partner?

Webvillee is where your quest to find trustable virtual IT staffing services ends.

Think of Virtual IT staffing. Think of us.

We are marking our territory in the virtual IT staffing landscape for 5 years now. We provide Staff, Assets, and Support (SAS) so that you can make and control your own IT team and manage them directly.

Virtual IT staffing is a smart and intelligent choice when it comes to IT staffing decisions. At a comparatively less cost, you get to hire talented professionals on your team and assign and manage them directly.

Whether you need a contingency project-based staff or a permanent staff, we match your needs with the best talent out there. Have a sound and flexible workforce by your side always, ask us how. (Link to contact us page)

From website development, designing, testing, software development, you name it and we are there for you!

Why hiring in-house staff is a big no-no?

Well, we all have seen HR people perpetually conducting interviews to get close to the resource they are looking for. But, what is the success ratio of these endless interview drives?
Not much, because hiring in-house is:

  • Expensive
  • Risky
  • Time-consuming
  • The candidate might not join

What is the solution for this?

The new trend. Smart and quick staff escalation with Webvillee.

End your endless interview drives with the best IT staff augmentation partner in the business.

Don’t limit yourself to demography, we are here to help you break bonds of boundaries.

Hire talents from overseas and manage them virtually from the comfort of your office, sipping coffee of your choice and relaxing on weekends.

We know recruiting is exhausting and we are dedicated to omit this cumbersome process from your calendar.

Why should you buy into this proposal?

Read the unmatching benefits of our offering.

Why should you opt for virtual IT staffing services?

There are only pros of virtual IT staffing/ IT staff augmentation services. We have outlined a few for your quick reference:

  • Highly skilled talent pool
  • Broad range of skillset
  • Can scale up or size down whenever you want
  • Low overhead costs
  • Easy management
  • Affordable, cheaper than the in-house resource
  • Less cohesiveness
  • Available 24*7
  • Meet tight schedules
  • Reduced risk and investment
  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced flexibility and scalability
  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Higher resource availability
  • Improved workforce capability
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Skilled professionals


Progress Report

Easy management

Less cohesiveness

Excellent communication skills

100% transparency

Available 24*7

Customer support

Why should you partner with Webvillee?

We are experts in IT staff augmentation and are known to successfully cater to over 100 clients. We take care of your ad-hoc staff requirements and empathize with your work culture.

Hiring eligible and qualified human resources with required experience is a task that calls for dedicated resources and investment of time and resources. Technically, you are spending more on resource acquisition than necessary.

Let us assist you in this forefront and cut the chase of finding a resource that fits.

Here is why it will be an experience to work with us:

  • We observe client-centric model
  • We offer domain and skill-specific resource
  • We are available round the clock
  • We love deadlines
  • We are not heavy on pockets
  • We swiftly fit into your work culture
  • We ease your ‘scaling up’ and ‘sizing down’ process
  • We offer both permanent and project-based resource
  • You can personally interview us and conduct tests if you like.

We offer the following types of IT staff-on-demand

  • Application Development & Maintenance(ADM)
  • Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing & Analytics
  • Application Testing Business Analysis
  • Client/Server
  • Cloud Computing
  • System Maintenance
  • Mobile Applications
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Network Architecture

Industries which are loving our services

  • Telecommunication
  • Banking Financial Services and Insurance
  • Gaming
  • Retail
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Startups
  • BPO
  • Education
  • Energy and Utility

Don’t hold back, connect with us today

We would be glad to collaborate with you. Let’s discuss your requirements and gather the understanding of the stakes involved. Once we are on the same page, we will match your needs to the best-suited talent under our roof. You can then conduct personal interviews to assess the capabilities of the resource.

Give us a call today.

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