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Why big companies hire dedicated resources?

Hire Dedicated Resources
  • Sep 30 2019
  • Posted by Webvillee
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Why big companies hire dedicated resources?

Hiring a dedicated resource will significantly enhance your company’s efficiency and productivity. A lot of big businesses do not want to go through the vagaries of hiring an in-house development team these days. Why? Because they are happy with the kind of results that dedicated resources have given. There are many other advantages that it gives over hiring an in-house team.


When you hire offshore resources, you aren’t tied up in financial obligations, you can get their services without much of a fuss. There is minimal investment from the client side, turnaround time is much better with dedicated resources and you have the option to keep hires on hold too if there is no work. 


Here are 8 reasons why big companies hire dedicated resources instead of full-time employees:


#1 Flexibility and options:

Hiring a dedicated mobile app developer from an agency means that you can pick and choose your resource based on your specific needs. If you need a highly skilled developer for a particular niche, why would you hire someone full-time for it? It is best advised to hire a dedicated resource from an agency especially when dealing with niche areas. 

Hiring dedicated resources from an agency will also give you the option of choosing resources for various tieres of work. You can choose dedicated resources for a particular project and determine the amount of time for which you want their services. 


#2 No overheads:

When you hire an offshore development team from an agency, apart from the variety of advantages that you get, you will be saying goodbye to overhead costs too. You don’t have to spend money on rent, essentials, electricity. Internet, furniture, etc. All of this cost would have added up if you were to have an in-house team. 

While big companies will have the wherewithal to invest in overheads, they would still not want to do it because of the headaches associated with managing an office space entirely for a development team. The dedicated resources that you hire from the agency will have access to costly software and other tools as well. 


#3 Cost-effective:

Hiring experienced full-time developers can put you back by at least $100,000 USD. With a budget like this, you can hire various experienced developers to work on a bunch of projects. This is one of the main advantages of hiring dedicated mobile app developers from an offshore agency. You can pay the dedicated resources based on the amount of hours they work instead of having to give them a fixed salary. You can scale up the requirements based on your needs and pay accordingly. 


#4 Availability & Expertise:

When there is an in-house team already in place, adding more people to the team can be a time-consuming process. Why? You need to filter out hundreds of applicants, interview many of them by spending countless hours and then make your final decision. 

When you work with an offshore development company, you can hire a resource, even an experienced person, within a few minutes. It is easy, there is always availability based on your requirements. You can even choose their level of expertise and get started on the project within the day. This saves ample amount of time.


#5 Clear expectations:

You need to set clear expectations with your offshore development team so that there is no confusion in terms of the work or delivery at later stages. In fact, having an in-house team is much easier to manage in terms of the various expectations you have with your project. But we would love to clear the myth that a remote team might not be as efficient. How can you overcome this problem? You need to set clear expectations for each and every aspect of the project. The fact that these are ‘dedicated’ resources whose entire efforts are concentrated towards completing the work for you should be an attractive factor for you. 


#6 Access to a suite of professionals:

The best part about hiring dedicated mobile app resources from an offshore agency is that they are usually connected to a team who have other skill sets. If you need digital marketing sources to give the initial marketing push for your business, these agencies might even be able to help you with it. When you work with a dedicated web resource, you put yourself in a position where you can get help for ancillary services. 


#7 No need to invest in training:

Big businesses usually have shorter turnaround times for projects. Work gets done fast. They would rather hire a niche resource on an ad-hoc basis than slowly train a full-time employee. Not only is it an extra cost to their budget, but it also takes up a lot of time when you send them to trainings. 


#8 Easy to maintain:

With the proliferation of instant messaging apps and project management tools, it has become much more easier to work with dedicated resources in offshore locations. When you hire dedicated mobile app developers, you will have to understand which are the tools that they are familiar with. It will give you an idea of their communication process as well as an understanding of how they work. 



Big companies choose to hire dedicated web resources because of the above factors. There are instances when hiring an in-house development team will be the ideal option, but those are few and far between. The offshore development company should have strict processes in terms of security, data sharing and work on proven systems. 

While we have been singing paeans about how hiring dedicated resources can be a game changer for your business, it depends on how good the offshore agency is. Look for the right offshore development agency, get on calls with them to understand how they work, take a look at their portfolio and then take an informed decision. Since this is a lucrative industry to be in, there are a lot of charlatans with whom you don’t want to be associated with. If you are looking to hire dedicated resources, WebVillee has all the qualities and resources to produce work based on your requirements, however unique they may be. 

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