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Top 14 IoT Mobile App Development Trends to Expect in 2020

Iot Mobile App Development
  • Oct 14 2019
  • Posted by Webvillee
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Top 14 IoT Mobile App Development Trends to Expect in 2020

It is estimated that there will be more than 10 billion IoT devices by 2020 and 22 billion by 2025. There is no doubt about the fact that the world is going to be connected to the Internet. This rapid rise means that there is going to be tremendous demand in this sector. It is going to affect our lives significantly too. It is an exciting time to live in, isn’t it?

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Here are the top 14 IoT mobile app development trends to expect in 2020:


#1 Home automation:

With IoT devices, smart home automation will soon become the norm. There are a lot of homes that are already powered by IoT, with shifting preferences, the trend will only increase. Since it will add security and safety to the home, people wouldn’t mind investing in it. 


#2 IoT in public spaces:

Infrastructure for IoT is being rolled out in many cities across the world. It can lead to better efficiency and safety. With instant connectivity, there will be a tectonic shift in the way transportation works. When 5G becomes mainstream, you can expect fast transfer of streaming analytics. You can expect more real-world applications that will impact people directly. 


#3 Edge Computing:

In Edge Computing, instead of sending all the data from the device to the cloud, it is transferred to a local device located closer to the IoT device or at the edge of the network. This local storage device sorts, filters and calculates the data and sends only a small portion of the data to the cloud. This helps reduce traffic to the network, manage large amounts of data and reduces dependency on cloud. 


#4 Healthcare:

Expect sensors, medical equipment, portable devices, health monitors and a range of other medical devices to be configured with IoT. There will be a rapid increase in the production of mobile health apps and virtual assistants available around the clock to monitor the health of a patient from anywhere. 


#5 Blockchain for IoT security:

With many sensitive organizations getting on the blockchain bandwagon, it is time that many of them use IOTA, which is a distributed ledger that records and executes transactions between IoT devices in the ecosystem. This reduces the cost of SaaS and cloud. 


#6 Data Analytics:

IoT will combine with Artificial Intelligence and spawn a new trend of decision-making assistants. AI has the capacity to identify trends, with the help of IoT, it will bring better data analysis and help us make better decisions.


#7 Personalization of Retail:

IoT has created a serious dent in the supply chain retail management space. It has bettered the shopping experience for customers with its use of sensors and other techniques. In the near future, expect IoT to send you notifications on a product you love at the retail store while also directing you to the exact place the product is placed in the store, using a map.


#8 Security:

With more and more devices connected to the Internet, and a lot of data being shared, there is risk attached to it. Since industries from financial institutions to healthcare employ IoT, there will be more applications created to ensure that there are no security issues. Use of AI, ML and Big Data to thwart any infections will be prevalent. 


#9 Predictive Maintenance:

The sensors fitted in airplanes and automobiles can be fitted in your home appliances so that you can avoid home maintenace disasters You can expect home care solutions with the help of IoT as an offering soon. This will create a market for smart home appliances. 


#10 IoT framework will get stronger:

Since the uses of IoT hasn’t been exploited fully, there is no unified framework to ensure standards across the entire spectrum. Once the use of IoT spreads across different industries, you can expect a unfiied framework so that not only the data becomes secure, but the devices can be extrapolated for different uses. If you have any IoT application development requirements, get in touch with the WebVillee team. 


#11 Human-IoT interaction:

Today, sensors are strapped to devices using which IoT gives valuable information. It will soon be possible where humans are monitored using sensors with the help of IoT. It can engage in comprehensive gathering of data to monitor the performance of employees. While the question of ethics hangs in balance, there is no doubt about how the data can open avenues for the recruitment industry.


#12 More consumer adoption:

With more adoption, the IoT space will grow mature and will spawn newer technologies. The IoT architecture will evolve and might even be able to create a serious difference in fields like agriculture, insurance, finance, transportation and so on. The opportunities are endless. 


#13 Smart cities:

Once governments understand IoT’s significance, it will be taken advantage of in as many areas that are possible. There will be a lot of data exchange between private and government agencies to seriously affect the industry. It can help in traffic congestion, improve security, help with sustainable development, etc. 


#14 Big Data:

Although they are separate entities, its convergence can result in growth. It can track energy consumption, store and analyze the data to derive trends and comparisons that will be useful for the future. These patterns that IoT retrieves can enhance productivity, reduce costs and streamline operations with the help of large amounts of data. If you are looking to work with dedicated resources who can help with Big Data solutions, get in touch with us. 



There are many more trends that you will see with regards to IoT in the coming years once its adoption increases. Newer technologies will come up that will make IoT’s relevance much more pronounced. The future of IoT is extremely promising. 

With decades of experience in software development, WebVillee has skilled IoT experts who can help you with leveraging IoT solutions for your business. If you are looking to get into the IoT bandwagon, this is the time. Get on a call with us. 

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