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Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends to Dominate in 2020

Mobile App Development Trends
  • Oct 15 2019
  • Posted by Webvillee
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Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends to Dominate in 2020

Ever since the incursion of smartphones into our lives, its growth has been unprecedented. You can even do your entire day’s work with the help of your smartphone. From sending emails, creating videos, handling social media, etc, everything that you can possibly imagine is within the ambit of a mobile phone. 

Every single year we see advancements in the world of mobile apps and most of the applications would have been unimaginable a few years back. If you are in the field of creating mobile apps, you might be on the threshold of creating something revolutionary when the right skillset matches the idea. 


Here are the top 10 mobile app development trends to dominate in 2020:


#1 Internet of Things:

With the release of 5G, the cellular IoT growth will lead to 3.5 billion IoT connections by 2023. With an IoT device and an internet connection, you can power your house with an external device (your smartphone) that is miles away from wherever you are. Home automation, smart cities, driverless cars, etc, are all possibilities thanks to IoT. IoT will make our lives easier by letting you perform activities just by being connected to the Internet. 


#2 AR & VR:

Augmented Reality is integrating digital visual content into a real-world environment. Virtual reality is the ability to create a simulated environment which the user accepts as a real experience. With the possibility to integrate them into mobile applications, it has created a revolution of sorts in the gaming and entertainment industry. 


#3 Wearable devices:

The Bluetooth headset was the first wearable device. By 2020, it is expected that there would be more than 830 million devices. Fitness trackers, smart clothing, implantables, smartwatches, smart jewellery, body-mounted sensors, smart glasses, etc, are examples of wearable technology. The proliferation of smartphone usage makes it possible for these wearable devices to be used properly. Wearable devices will influence the way mobile app development will shift strategies. 


#4 Blockchain:

Mos of the layman population thinks that Blockchain is only about Bitcoins. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The applications of Blockchain are limitless and it has the ability to affect every industry from banking, finance, manufacturing, and many more. 


#5 AI and Machine Learning:

Both of these technologies are a big part of the mobile world. It is not just limited to chatbots. There is much more to it, companies around the world are using AI and ML to reduce their operational expenses, cut costs, and innovate rapidly. With the integration of these technologies into mobile application development, expect more benefits being unearthed. It can pave the way to interoperability among neural networks, automated machine learning, AI automated DevOps through AIOps, and more. 


#6 Progressive Web Apps (PWA):

PWAs doesn’t have to be installed from app stores nor does it require the Internet at all times. These progressive web apps can run directly from the browser. The best thing about this is that it can work on smartphones that come with low specs and work on a low-bandwidth network too. 

Example: Starbucks has a PWA app which is 99.84% smaller than its native app. It gives a similar experience as the native app where the user can browse the menu, customize the order, and add items to the cart without as much as zero access to the Internet. Once the user is online, they can place the order. India’s leading online real estate platform,, understood that most of their target users reached them through 2G or 3G networks with low-spec smartphones. So they built a PWA which resulted in a 38% conversion rate and reduced their bounce rate by more than 40%. 


#7 Business Automation:

Everyone wants to concentrate on their core works while leaving out mundane tasks that can be outsourced, to a third-party. Why outsource when you can automate most of the work with the help of AI? Smart entrepreneurs invest in programs that completely take care of processes that are repeatable. It not only helps you cut down costs, but your resources can also concentrate on their tasks and save time too. In the near future, expect business operations to be handled by automation-related features through a robust mobile application development solution. 


#8 Cloud Integration:

Companies are moving towards embracing a hybrid infrastructure. Cloud technology is one of the most adopted ones among different types of infrastructure. With a heavy adoption from many businesses, the cost of going fully-cloud has reduced too. For mobile apps, cloud technology has offered a way to offer their services at a cheap rate. Hiring a dedicated mobile app resource for building cloud-based applications should be your priority. Invest in good resources. 


#9 Personalization:

This is going to be the age of personalization where your customers would want solutions that are specific to their needs. While the trend has already started, its ubiquity is only going to increase with more and more customers preferring personalization features. Brands that offer customization are going to be welcomed with open arms while others should find ways to get it done. If you are looking to hire dedicated resources that will be able to create personalized apps, then go for WebVillee.


#10 Enterprise Mobile Management:

It is the set of tools, processes, technologies and policies that are used to manage and maintain the secure use of mobile devices and applications. Not only does it address security concerns, but it also helps employees be more productive. Employees can get work done on their mobile devices without worrying about being subjected to security attacks. 



While the world of mobile app development is fraught with challenges, there is no better time to get on this bandwagon. All modern businesses thrive on technology for which there is a huge demand for mobile app developers. It is pivotal that you hire dedicated mobile app resources who can weave magic with their coding skills. 

WebVillee is a highly acclaimed mobile app development company that serves many businesses in the US, Europe, Australia and the MENA region. Our experienced mobile app developers can integrate emerging technologies like AI, ML, BigData, Blockchain, etc, into your mobile application. If you want to create out-of-the-world applications that will create a big dent in your industry, then get in touch with us.  

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