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Things to consider before hiring a dedicated developer

Hiring A Dedicated Developer
  • Sep 19 2019
  • Posted by Webvillee
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Things to consider before hiring a dedicated developer

Hiring a dedicated developer for your business is a big task because it comes attached with a lot of expectations. If the new hires don’t work the way you expected them to, it is difficult to take them off work. You are stuck with them as corporate laws prevent employees from facing the long end of the stick. It can be unfair for an employer, but it is expected that you have a thorough interview process to hire people who you think are the right fit for your business.

What if we tell you that there is a way in which you don’t incur any risk hiring a resource, can pick and choose from a set of options and don’t have to fret as a ready replacement will be waiting for you at the earliest if things go wrong? Enter offshore outsourcing. There are millions of companies who outsource their project requirements to offshore companies. 59% of these businesses said that cost-cutting was one of the reasons behind hiring a dedicated offshore resource.

Some of the other reasons for hiring a dedicated web developer are as follows:


  • Helps you focus on your core business
  • Get improved service quality
  • Helps with business transformation
  • Helpful for business needs
  • Puts you direct access to intellectual capital
  • Scale your work on the go


Here are 6 things that you should consider before hiring a dedicated developer:


#1 Communication skills:

If you are hiring a dedicated mobile app developer, you should realize that you will have to be in constant communication with them to check their work as well as pass instructions. Ensure that you are able to communicate properly with the dedicated resource and they understand your requirements. If not, it can be a big lesson for you and it is not something that you want to go through. It is so pivotal that it should be engraved on a stone.


#2 Verify their credentials:

While it is perfectly all right for businesses to work with offshore development teams whose members they have not even seen in person once, there is something you should not miss out on. Verify their credentials without fail. Ensure that you talk to at least a few of the clients they have worked with earlier or reach out to different stakeholders in the company to get a feel of their team and their understanding of product development. Check the apps or websites your dedicated resource has created. If you are looking to hire a dedicated resource, follow all these steps without fail.


#3 Interview the resources:

After you have cross-checked their portfolio, now is the time for you to get on a call and interview them. There are a lot of ways in which someone can forge their credentials, but it is almost impossible to do so on a call. It will help you to gauge their communication skills as well as their technical know-how for which you can ask them a set of questions regarding your requirements.


#4 Being biased:

We are humans, and there are a lot of biases that affect our decision making without us even knowing about it. When you are planning to hire a dedicated mobile app development team for your needs, do not be biased for a particular company or against hiring a team which is from a different country than yours. The only criteria for hiring a dedicated web app development resource is to do so based on their skills and communications. Everything else does not matter.


#5 Choosing cheap resources:

For peanuts, you get monkeys. Everyone knows that. If you want to build a world-class business which you want to build from the bottom up, it is pivotal that you hire resources that match up to this standard. If you want to hire a dedicated web developer and during this process, you come across a company that works perfectly well for you but is 0.5x times more than your budget, please do not opt to choose another company which matches with your budget. What you will get in terms of money will not be the same in terms of product delivery. 


#6 Client Support

Will the offshore development team offers you support for all your queries and address complaints on a regular basis or will it only be available during the end of milestones? It will not be a good decision if you were to hire a company that does not provide dedicated support. Ensure that the dedicated developer you hire is available regularly on pre-agreed times where they will be available on project management platforms. 


#7 Professionalism:

There is a lot riding on these offshore development companies as their entire business depends on pleasing their customers- you. You can expect excellent work ethic from the companies that you outsource to, although the onus is on you to ratify their claims by talking to their clients and interviewing their dedicated web resource. Schedule an interview with them to understand their motivations, vision, and the way they execute their tasks. Hiring a dedicated mobile app developer from an offshore team gives you the ability to pick and choose the most qualified resource. 


#8 Less time spent on monitoring:  

One of the finest things about outsourcing is that you can focus on your core activities without worrying if it is working out as expected. When you hire dedicated web app resource, make sure that they take ownership of the tasks without needing constant supervision from your side. This can free up a lot of time for you to give 100% on your main job. Stay focused on the strategy side for your business while your dedicated web resource will help you concentrate on the technical part. 



Every growing company in the world is scouting for skilled and dedicated web developers. Outsourcing is a common and popular practice that companies are frequently indulging in. This is where hiring a dedicated web developer can completely change your game. The only downside to an otherwise impeccable process is that you cannot meet your development team in person, but in the age of Skype and Zoom, is it even a problem anymore? 

If you are looking to hire a dedicated resource for your business requirements, look no further than WebVillee which comes with highly skilled web and mobile developers. Our only advice to you is this- don’t sweat the small stuff, leave it to the experts.

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