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Reasons to opt Angular/Node.js Framework in web development

Angular Framework Web Development
  • Oct 30 2019
  • Posted by Webvillee
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Reasons to opt Angular/Node.js Framework in web development

There are over 1.94 billion websites on the Internet. Website owners are companies, bloggers, eCommerce sites, etc. Everyone wants to be on the Internet. The number of websites is only going to increase every day, the demand for a dedicated web developer will always be there. There are a variety of platforms available for web development. AngularJS/Node.js is one of the more prominent application frameworks. It revolves around HTML (Hyper Text Mark-Up Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and JS (JavaScript). 

AngularJS and Node.js is the handiwork of dedicated developers from Google who wanted to simplify front-end development. Most of the modern applications are built with the help of these frameworks. It has many frameworks and plugins for designers that make it an attractive proposition for developing websites. You don’t have to worry about the technicalities of this since you can hire dedicated developers who will take care of this. 

In JS, AngularJS is the client-side language. If the client makes any request, it gets processed by AngularJS. After the request, it enters the Node.js which is considered as phase 2. It is also called a server-side language. After phase 2, it enters into phase 3, where a request to the database is made. 

Earlier, it used to be the LAMP/WAMP stack that developers used, now it has changed to MEAN. MEAN is an open-source software where M stands for MongoDB, E stands for Express, A stands for AngularJS, and N stands for Node.js. The MEAN stack is extremely useful for building websites for both startups and well-established organizations. 


Here are 8 reasons to opt for Angular/Node JS framework in web development:


#1 A full JavaScript framework:

The Angular/Node.js framework is fully JavaScript-enabled that is beneficial for both the client and server-side. Thanks to JS, there is optimal user experience and the data is also easy to be managed. JavaScript makes it possible to recover data faster, especially since you are using the MEAN stack as well. AngularJS and Node.js provide the ability to make applications that are scalable and dynamic. It is important that you hire dedicated web developers for your development needs. 


#2 Flexible and Efficient:

No matter how complex the web development task is, either a single page application or a difficult app, JavaScript and Angular/Node.js make it possible to do it easily. It allows for easy sharing of data and other information. The MEAN stack is such that it can handle projects of any size. It stores more than 50,000 bundles that help designers to make necessary provisions when they are starting a project. This bundle is extremely useful for designers and it helps them complete projects on a faster note. It also gives developers the leverage to share, refresh and even reuse the code efficiently. 


#3 MVC Architecture:

AngularJS makes use of the MVC architecture in developing web applications that are robust, interactive and intuitive. When you are implementing MVC, all you need to do is split your application and rest will be done by AngularJS. The MVC architecture maintains the data and the controller is a bridge in establishing communication between View and Model. 


#4 Cost-Effective:

Developing apps with LAMP requires one to be proficient with JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. But with MEAN stack, the developer only needs to be good with JavaScript. This means that for a project that uses MEAN stack, only lesser developers need to be used and it increases the effectiveness too since the complexity gets reduced. This will directly affect the costing as there are fewer developers working on the project. 


#5 Maintainable applications:

Another advantage of working with Angular/Node.js is that the web applications created using it are highly maintainable. Once a web application is created, it is not the end of it. There are a lot of maintenance processes that need to happen regularly so that the website runs smoothly. Using Angular/Node.js makes this process extremely easy. It makes the use of models that work with frameworks that are in compliance with object-oriented design.


#6 High speed and reusability:

Since Node.js works in a non-blocking architecture, the tasks that get done here is fast. AngularJS works predominantly with the JavaScript framework which makes maintenance, reusability and testability. The WebVillee team has significant experience in working with dedicated web developers who are experts in this. 


#7 Open source:

Since both Node.js and AngularJS are open sources, it is available for free and there are no other charges associated with it. This means that during the development process, you can make use of all the libraries, public repositories, etc, thus significantly reducing the developmental costs. 


#8 Easier to make MVPs:

Creating a Minimum Viable Product is important for many businesses as it is a validation of sorts and gives the team an idea on where to head next. Most investors would want to see an MVP before they think of investing in product-based companies. An MVP is the initial product that customers will be presented. It usually comes without any frills as you want the product to be on the market at the earliest. When you use Angular and Node.js for your web development, it is extremely easy to achieve your MVP in minimum time. If you are looking to work with dedicated web developers who are proficient in the angular/node.js platform, do not look further, WebVillee will be able to help with your requirements. 



When you use Angular/Node.js as your framework for web development, it will be easy to develop, easy to learn and integrate them with other technologies. It will soon become much bigger than it is already as there is no framework that has been producing such consistent results. There is a huge community that rallies around these frameworks (since it is open source) because of its effectiveness which makes it easy to get help. 

Right from startups to some of the biggest companies in the world, every business out there is making use of the Angular/Node.js framework (and MEAN stack). Applications that are done using the MEAN stack are easy for the developers since everything happens in only one language- JavaScript.

If you are looking for dedicated web developers who are good at working in Angular/Node.js framework, then your search ends with WebVillee. Get on a free discovery call with us to understand how we can help you. 

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