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It's 2020, now it's time to hire a dedicated resource for your organisation

Hire A Dedicated Resource In 2020
  • Jan 22 2020
  • Posted by Webvillee
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It's 2020, now it's time to hire a dedicated resource for your organisation

Developing a product from the idea stage to its final stage is a difficult task. A lot of effort goes into making that happen. There are a lot of protocols that are to be followed so that the product comes alive without a lot of faults. Even having an in-house team that is available at your beck and call might not work wonders for your end product. 

Here is a disadvantage of having a big in-house team. If you want to build a product that requires 10 developers but requires only one-fifth of its size once the project gets over, does it make sense for you to have so many on the rolls? 

For a business that is not fully dependent on technology, hiring a large in-house team is a scary affair as it strikes their bottom line with a lot of venoms. A lot of companies fold because they don’t calculate the amount of money they have in the bank to survive. Finances are one of the biggest reasons why a lot of startups close down. Hiring a lot of people is one of the biggest blunders businesses make. 

The solution for companies that aren’t fully dependent on technology is hiring dedicated resources whose services you can take on a project basis.


Here are a few more reasons why you should hire dedicated resources for your organization:


#1 1 strong developer >10 mediocre ones: 

When it comes to skillset, having a single developer with super-strong coding skills is greater than having 10 semi-skilled developers. If you have just 4-5 developers with superior skills working on your project, you can get a lot accomplished with fewer errors than anyone would anticipate. This is why specialists are always appreciated for their expertise. 

Hiring strong developers on a full-time basis can completely wipe out your budget. At times like this, hiring dedicated mobile app developers for your startup is the best option. 


#2 Hiring takes time:

Building a strong development team from the ground up takes a lot of time, effort and money. Even the new hires might not be able to understand your vision. So the long process of interviewing, analyzing and hiring doesn’t mean that the work will get started from the word ‘Go’. Another huge disadvantage is that even the ones you have hired newly have no reason to stick to the job until the end of the project. If they happen to leave midway, there is little you can do to stop them from leaving. 


#3 Have zero frustrations:

If your in-house technology team makes a big mistake which will put your go-to-market time late by a few days, it is not possible to expect them to turn it around for you so that you can go live on the date promised. But when working with an outsourcing agency, the case would be a little different, they would be more than willing to add more developers to the team so that the project gets completed on time.


#4 Options to hire the right skill set:

Like we mentioned earlier, hire developers who are rockstars in their own right while you can also hire developers who will be good with maintenance work. This way, you can always work around a budget that you are comfortable instead of worrying about paying upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Let’s say you hire a dedicated web developer and expect a level of efficiency from a developer, in case you don’t see that happening, you can always change them. 


#5 Hire for the output and not just time:

When you hire dedicated mobile app developers, you don’t just hire for their time but for the results that they are able to give you. But when you hire a full-time developer for your office, you are hiring them for their time, isn’t it? There is no promise that they will finish off something at a certain level of efficacy. 


#6 Easy communication:

With a lot of tools like Asana, Slack, Snapchat, etc, being used widely, it is easy for you to communicate clearly without much of a hiccup. There are tools that a business can use to track the work done and the time is taken for it. Feedback can be sent immediately and the same can be implemented within a short span of time since there is a feeling of connectedness because of these project management tools. 

Since it is not possible to oversee all the works by each of the developers separately, most vendors even give you an account manager (based on the plans you have chosen) who will apprise you of the status so that you will always be in the know. 


#7 Long-term partnership:

Finding a good vendor with whom you can partner for the long-term is more of a matter of luck than anything else. But if you happen to end up working with someone who gets the task done without a lot of prodding, then you have struck gold. Ensure that they are in alignment with your values, culture, and so on. Once you have worked with a partner for quite some time, ensure that there is more to the relationship than just a transactional one. Share constructive feedback so that with each project, the relationship gets better. 


How should you hire a dedicated team for your business?


Now that we know the different advantages that hiring dedicated developers brings, here is how you can use the expertise of a dedicated team for your business. For your startup, hire at least one rockstar dedicated web developer who will not only take care of the entire operations but will also oversee the rest of the developers. 

Have discussions with your technology partner (read outsourcing partner) about your expectations and interview the profiles that you have shortlisted. This will help you understand if someone really has the skill sets that they have put up on their resume. If it is a small project, then just one to two developers are enough. You might need a bigger team of dedicated mobile developers if your project comes with a lot of features. 

Discuss the timelines with the team and see if it can be accomplished within that time frame, after a lot of deliberations. The best part about outsourcing your technology requirements is that you can work on your core offering including drafting a marketing or operations strategy while your partner will take care of the former. 

If you are looking to hire dedicated mobile app developers or dedicated web developers, Webvillee is more than happy to assist you with your technology needs. 

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