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How Is PHP Web Development Better Compared To Other languages

How Is Php Web Development Better Compared To Other Languages
  • Feb 07 2020
  • Posted by Webvillee
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How Is PHP Web Development Better Compared To Other languages

Here is the big question. Why still use PHP in 2019?

Let’s just admit it: PHP is a peculiar and ugly language. It’s exceptionally slow. It’s not even attractive syntactically. And it’s still what every developer prefers to write their software in. The most obvious question is: why? Why use PHP today, tomorrow and all the coming tomorrows?

There has to be a lot of good reasons for it to justify this above idiosyncratic preferences. Now is the right time and space to cover exactly all this strangeness. Why is PHP is the developer’s first choice when it comes to web development?



Before we get into dirty between PHP vs others war let us first understand what PHP can do and what PHP is not capable of. To start with PHP is a programming language specifically designed for websites and web applications. PHP is basically build-up using the C programming language and is mostly used server-side.

PHP was initially used to fulfill only the general-purpose that’s why PHP stood for “Personal Home Page”.The language now stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor” which is a recursive acronym. Geeks love it.


What can PHP do?

Basically, PHP can do anything that you want on a web server. Create a blog? Yup. Create a whole fully-fledged software-as-a-service application? Definitely. If you want to write a little script to process some data in a few seconds? PHP is a great fit for that as well. If I want to write a complicated set of scripts that accidentally turned out to be a successful software business? PHP will do!!!

If you don’t trust me, you can go and check it on the PHP website:

  • Server-side scripting
  • Command-line scripting
  • Writing desktop applications

This leads to one very crucial and ineluctable fact…



There are a lot of reasons to love and adore PHP, probably the most potent and legitimate of which is this:

Literally PHP is used EVERYWHERE the web does. 

For starters, a lot of popular software is written using PHP.

Wordpress. Yes, want more examples to prove my point? Joomla. Want any more? Drupal, Want some more? Magento, still want...ExpressionEngine, vBulletin (yup, that is still around), MediaWiki and a lot more. 

If we talk about PHP frameworks than Symfony, Zeni, Aura, Yii you can depend upon.



SO Here Are Some Reasons Why PHP is considered Better.

  • Cloud Ready
  • Loosely Typed
  • Open Source
  • Platform Independent


WordPress proudly prides that it powers more than 30% of the internet.


To end up the ever going Why PHP Debate, Let’s declare it loud. So to sum-up PHP is the winner between PHP Vs All other languages. Learning is hard. There are more than 500 programming languages. And learning a new language is always going to make you look smarter than other developers. And yes, Of Course, will enhance and expand your expertise.

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