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How Businesses Should Handle the Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Impact On Industry
  • Mar 19 2020
  • Posted by Webvillee
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How Businesses Should Handle the Coronavirus Outbreak

It will be months before we know the true economic loss of the Covid-19, but there’s no doubt that the economy and businesses will be affected the most: It is happening anyway- “closed for business” signs hanging all over the entire country. What about the severe economic effects? Inevitably there will be a heavy price to be paid in terms of shriveling GDP and sinking businesses.


Sorry We Are Closed


Companies of all sizes, from local businesses to blue-chip giants and behemoths, have taken a big hit from the novel coronavirus pandemic which will not only gut companies’ earnings (Bottom-line) but will also affect their strength to keep operations afloat and their capacity to borrow money.

Before we proceed further here are some quick facts that you should know about this outbreak-

How many cases have there been?

Shockingly there have been about 219,387 confirmed cases and 8,970 deaths globally. The most affected area with the vast majority is found in China and Italy. Howbeit, in the United States, there have been about 9,464 validated cases and 155 deaths.

Where is it in the U.S.?

Confirmed cases are intensifying across the country, including assumed positives in 2 countries, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Nearly all of the reported deaths have been inside Washington state.

The One Most Important Question that everyone is seeking an answer to is

“How Businesses Should Handle the Coronavirus Outbreak?”

“How to overcome this pandemic?”

I've put together a handy guide on best practices businesses and human resources departments should deploy at their end to bring their business up and running and to of course encourage their employees to evade exposure to the new virus strain.


Stressed Out

Let’s answer it- 

1. Educate your employees about coronavirus-

Regularly sanitize all office surfaces and objects. Accommodate alcohol-based hand sanitizer and other necessaries. Teach employees, especially about official recommendations for hand hygiene and cleanliness. 

2. Send your Sick Employees home

If a worker exposes signs of fever or respiratory illness, encourage them to stay home and not come to work until they are not sure.

3. Employers start Embracing Outsourcing Policies

Yes, this is the key to survival-most of the companies have decided to outsource their business to places where coronavirus has not yet affected. 

As of this writing, more than 35 U.S. states have recorded cases of coronavirus. In response, many organizations are embracing risk reduction strategies and encouraging the outsourcing of work. 

Have your operations been impacted due to a situation where your employees are unable to deliver services fully? 

Maximum of the global 1000 or 2000 firms have already done healthy outsourcing of IT and BPO operations to offshore countries where the pandemic has not affected yet like India.


Outsourcing Partner


It is necessary for you to survive this pandemic, but it is also important for your business to persevere as well.


By choosing the right outsourcing partner for your operations at this time can really help your business to survive and cope up. By outsourcing activities remotely from other locations can pace up the responses and minimize the cost of delivery.

Outsource Your Demand

There are Coronaviruses Cases in Our City. What Now?

Your rejoinder to a local Coronavirus brawl will likely depend on your business needs. In industries like IT where remote work is possible, it may be advisable to simply close your offices and encourage the outsourcing of work to other countries.

How Webvillee Can Help Facilitate Remote Work:

Have your operations been impacted severely due to this coronavirus outbreak situation?

We hope that your business operations restore at the earliest convenience and that the impact of the novel coronavirus on your operation is minimal. 

However, it is our duty to offer help when a situation like this arises. If you are left with no personnel and a lot of pending IT projects on your shoulder then don’t worry we empathize with your situation. And we will make sure that we deliver all your projects on time and with Economic cost.  Let’s share this burden together anytime.


Share Your Projects


Such situations, if looked upon emphatically, help us qualify for a better future.


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