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Hiring and Retaining Developers - Creating Great Teams

Hiring And Retaining Developers
  • Jan 14 2020
  • Posted by Webvillee
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Hiring and Retaining Developers - Creating Great Teams

There was a time when getting a job was a big thing. Why? Because jobs were scarce. Infrastructure was bad. There were fewer opportunities everywhere. Things have changed, and how? If you are a software developer today, there are companies that are ready to poach you if they know the kind of value you bring. The onus is on businesses these days to keep a good developer on their rolls. Developers are in great demand these days where they can pick and choose the best places where they can work. 

If you are in the technology space, you might be worried about the paucity of good developers when you plan to hire. Isn’t it true? According to Evans Data Corporation, the number of software developers in the group is expected to reach 27.7 million by the end of 2023. But it is still difficult to find good developers. 

As a technology company, we have had to hire lots of top developers and match them with our clients who wanted to hire dedicated mobile app developers and dedicated web developers. Here are a few tips from the house of Webvillee on how to hire and retain top developers.


#1 Have a clear idea of what developers do:

Most managements have a difficult time understanding what software developers do. They think of it as a work that does not involve thinking and liken it to something that can be done mechanically. Understanding the fact that there is a lot of creativity involved in coding apart from solid technical skills will help you attract top talent. 


#2 Outsource to fill gaps:

The word hire doesn’t always have to be about full-time employees but can be about dedicated mobile app developers whose services you want for a short period of time. Research says that more than one-third of businesses outsource a business process. The global outsourcing market was $85.6 billion in 2018. If you are looking to hire a dedicated web developer, WebVillee will be more than happy to accommodate your needs. 


#3 Craft the right job description:

The first step towards hiring the right resource is to write down a detailed job description so that the right ones whose skillsets match your expectations apply for the job. Ensure that you are not vague or write too many specialized requirements that it wards off developers, even the good ones who might find it intimidating. Do not explicitly state the salary, ensure that there is a wriggle room for negotiation. 

In your JD, the responsibilities pertaining to the job should be written down clearly. There should be no abstract statements. Write down skills that are mandatory to have while also talking about skills that are welcome. 


#4 Allow room to grow and experiment:

If you want the really good developers to stay with you, ensure that you give them room to grow and thrive. Most of the developers that you see want to improve themselves and fostering an ideal environment for that would put you in good stead with them. The onus is on you as an employer to send them to training, allow them access to premium materials, make them complete certifications on business-critical skills, trips to events, etc. 

In fact, ask your developers explicitly how else could the employer be of help in making them love their experience with you. While wages are a huge reason for an employee to stay or not, some of them seek experiences that are bigger than that. Apart from offering competitive wages, you should understand their needs and cater to them. If you can’t afford to hire a full-time employee, then maybe it is time that you hire a dedicated web developer. 


#5 Autonomy:

Creative people don’t like being micro-managed and won’t like it if each aspect of their job was described in detail to the T. Don’t expect them to stick to such guidelines. It will hamper their flow and bring down their motivation. Give your engineers the freedom to choose the way they want to solve a problem or attack an issue. Ask them to take up tasks that are challenging. Do not make them stick to deadlines that are impossible to keep as it will stifle their creativity. If you have challenging projects for which you need help in the form of dedicated web developers, then check out Webvillee.


#6 Chart their careers:

As we have mentioned earlier in this article about how developers are looking to grow their skills, here is what you can do to keep them a part of your pack. Chart their careers and show them a path where they can be extremely successful by virtue of being in your organization. It will mitigate their urge to look for other employers. 

If you tell them that two years down the line, their compensation will be increased by X%, they will have a new title and will have more responsibilities, do you think they would scout for other opportunities? The chances are really slim, aren’t they? Show them that as the company grows and so will they. When you have plans for them which shows that you genuinely care about their well-being, they would be more than willing to stay put. 



With all that said, here is another important point that will help you to retain good developers, your employees want to feel respected, valued and heard. If they don’t get it, then they will look for a better employer. If you offer every other employee perk out there but do not treat them properly, they will leave you. 

Feeling valued, respect and dignity are much more valuable than the proverbial foosball table, table tennis room, or even a nap room. If you can come out of all of these, then you would be in a good to hire and retain good developers. 

If you are looking to hire dedicated web developers, then get in touch with the Webvillee team who will look after your needs. 

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