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Hire a dedicated mobile app developer to kickstart your business

Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers
  • Oct 24 2019
  • Posted by Webvillee
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Hire a dedicated mobile app developer to kickstart your business

Your website or mobile app is one of your strongest identity. Your potential customers get information about your offerings based on them. This is why it is important that you get the services of a dedicated mobile app developer who has the necessary skill sets to understand your requirements and get the best work for you. 

There is a lot of importance attached to how your product looks on the Internet, working with a dedicated mobile app developer can either put you on the map or pull you down based on how well they are good at it. There are many advantages that come with hiring a dedicated developer when you don’t have enough resources to work with your own entourage of in-house developers.


Outsourcing your mobile app development needs gives you a lot of advantages. Here are some of them:


#1 Experienced professionals:

You are literally flooded with options, a diverse set of them. As a business, you would require professionals who have a different set of expertise. The offshore team through which you want to hire dedicated mobile app developers would have professionals who are good at different kinds of technology. The options you choose from can be just based on their experience, or you can dig a little deeper where you can go through the list of mobile apps they have developed. It is always best to hire dedicated mobile app resources from a reputed offshore agency. 


#2 Budget-friendly:

Apart from the fact that you could work with highly experienced mobile app developers on an ad-hoc basis, another advantage with hiring dedicated resources is that it will be easy on your pocket. When you use the services of an offshore agency, you will only be billed for the work done on a fixed or hourly basis based on the contract. After the contract period gets over, there is no obligation for you to continue the relationship. If you were to work with a full-time employee, you need to factor in the benefits apart from the monthly salary. 

Also, an in-house team needs to be regularly trained and there are a lot of other overhead costs as well. This should not bother you at all when you hire dedicated mobile app resources from an offshore agency. 


#3 On-demand availability:

Choosing a full-time employee to add to your company is a time-consuming affair. Why? Not only do you need to gauge their capabilities as a professional who can get things done, but you also need to ensure that they are a cultural fit before hiring them. It can take weeks to hire a good employee. It is always worth the time and effort, but when you are in dire need of resources to get work done, then you are putting your project under jeopardy with such a delay. Thanks to offshore agencies, you can get the expertise of a dedicated mobile app developer working on your project within a day’s time. 


#4 Concentrate on your core work:

When you are starting your business, there is no need to hire a full-time mobile app developer who is a recurring cost to the company. You can simply hire a dedicated mobile app resource and concentrate on your core work without any worries. When you hire dedicated resources, you are essentially investing in your peace of mind. All you need to do is to ensure that they have already worked with a different set of clients and have a stellar portfolio and testimonials as a testament of their abilities. Hiring an experienced offshore agency like WebVillee will keep you stay away from headaches. 


#5 Full-fledged team:

While you might be having the requirement only to hire a few dedicated mobile app developers, what if you require an explainer video or a few graphic designers down the line? When you work with an established offshore agency like WebVillee, they are already connected with professionals from a varied set of specialties. Each of your professional requirements can be met with our expertise. 


#6 Faster turnaround:

The dedicated mobile app resources that you hire will work only on your project. This means that the turnaround time will be faster than normal. Even if someone from the team of dedicated resources that you hire is not available, the day’s task would be assigned to a new resource. This way, the client does not have to worry about losing time or expect delays in the project. When you hire a freelancer or work with full-time employees, you do not get this luxury. Working with a dedicated offshore agency like WebVillee allows you such privileges and more. 


#7 Long-term support:

When you hire your dedicated resources from an offshore agency, you can still get support and maintenance from them after the work gets over. This might be one of the worries that most businesses think would surface after the contract period with a dedicated resource gets over. Fret not, the offshore agency would be extremely happy to provide maintenance services even after the mobile app development process. If you need any changes in the app too, you can sign a new contract and get the work done immediately.  


#8 No worries about UI/UX:

Customers these days are extremely concerned about the kind of experience they have when they download an app or use some services. Your mobile app should have an excellent user interface and the user experience should be top-notch as well. There should be no compromises on that front. Thankfully, when you with a full-fledged agency like WebVillee, they would have expert UI/UX developers and any other kind of professional that you can choose to hire. Be assured that you will get a stunning product that your users will love.



There are so many other benefits attached to hiring dedicated mobile app developers to kickstart your business. Some of the other possible benefits are 1. Good communication skills so that there are no problems in understanding requirements, 2. Highly trained developers, 3. Available around the clock, and more. 

If you are planning to start a business, or already have an existing one that is successful, whenever the need arises for a dedicated mobile app developer, think of WebVillee to get your job done. We understand the different kinds of vagaries that businesses struggle with and are more than happy to ease some of it with our expertise and experience. 

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