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From Ashes To Empire

  • Dec 20 2018
  • Posted by Webvillee
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From Ashes To Empire

Dear reader,
This story is about a fire catching up at an organization and another fire that sparked in the hearts and brains of a team to save their organization beating all hurdles, under all unfavorable conditions, giving a different definition and importance of “Team Work”. Happy reading!


1. The “Black Monday”

09th July 2018
It was an extremely sunny day outside, but still so darkly covered with black ash from inside that one could barely see a ray of light from anywhere. Yes, this is not a coal mine I am talking about, this was the scenario of a successfully uprising IT organization: Webvillee Technology Pvt. Ltd, which was once proudly shining in white marble tiling floors, glowing white walls and clean glass-walled, big size glass windows and doors with super clean ambience, until the fateful Monday morning of 09th July 2018, when a fire took place inside the office of Webvillee at a night before Leading to a scenario next morning which neither anyone from the organization nor people from the nearby offices in the same building had ever witnessed before; an indoor which was completely black in such a way, making it nearly impossible for one to barely see even a ray of sunshine inside


2. End of a disaster, dawn of a new world

Minutes after witnessing the horrible scenario, everyone who was present there woke up out of a nightmare, realizing it's a horrifying reality and got back their senses... it was show time! Everyone took a charge of the complete scenario by itself, started picking up every single equipment that could still be saved, carrying them in their bare hands and moving it into a whole different building across the road. So everyone got into some serious action and start shifting everything there. they took charge in their own hands and managed most of the things by themselves from shifting things to cleaning ash from them, checking working ability every device, immediately arrange something else on the replacement of what was not in working process anymore, arranged a ready to use work desk for every person inside a whole different place. And before even half of the day could've been passed such an efficient work process was set up that from day two onwards work would not get affected anymore even after such a dreadful event.


3. Against all odds

It was next morning after the unfortunate event that took place a day ago, and also a new work system has been set up at a new place.Everyone came to work with a lot of questions and confusions in their minds like - "How is the new workplace? How will it be to suddenly shift into a whole new workplace and adjusted with it? Will the quality of work be the same with the adjustable, incompetent resources?" But the outcome was surprising. Members of the organization not only just willingly got adjusted with the new, not so efficient working resources very easily, but even went one step ahead and put their contribution towards arranging the needful resources not only for themselves but for their other team members too and set up a whole different example of devotion, dedication and teamwork.

Every person was dealing with such obstacles but was still trying to give their level best in every unfavorable condition that was coming on in their way. But there was one person who was working the hardest in the hardest times of his life just to make sure that his people have to suffer as less as possible and the old office gets back in working condition as soon as possible so that everyone can move back there was the founder and CEO of the organization; Arun Acharya. Who was not just working hard his days and nights as a horse, without affording to get tired, to renovate the burnt place again, but was also making timely visits to each one of his team member to give them moral support, showing how much he is still concerned about them during these tough times when he has a lot to do in his hands, and many decisions to make on his mind and assuring them that he's giving his level best and moving things into action as soon as it can, and very soon they all will be back into a much better version of the old office. More than for the work, or for the clients, he was doing it all for his team.


4. The greatest rewards come from the hardest struggles

After two weeks of hard efforts, a piece of good news was spread away on a Saturday, that this is the last working day for everyone at this temporary place and we'll move back to the old office at that very same day only, after work. And from Monday onwards work should get streamlined back. Those who had finished their work were already under the process of getting things ready to move, and so everyone was up to. And once again every team member gave the definition of teamwork. Many of even those who were working from home also came all over just to assist in the process. And as when everything was ready to get shifted, everyone picked up whatever they could get in their hands to take and start moving things back to the old place.

As they were walking while carrying things with them into the old office again (which didn't had a lot of things like old anymore), their steps began to slow down the more they were walking inside and eventually stopped and their eyes spread wide when they had a complete look over the completely different place, and almost got lost into a moment with what they were having in front of their eyes. It was much better than expected. The black turned walls were shining white again, even whiter and brighter than earlier also having a graphic art on the wall with it, the floor which was once covered so much from ash that footprints were made wherever footsteps were placed was shining glossy white again, the glass walls, doors and windows that became completely black once, making it impossible for one to see through were clean and clear as invisible now. But this doesn’t complete here... Approximately a month later after shifting back to their real place and setting up the workplace again and getting things streamlined back on track, another great news came flying across overseas. Two of the very old and esteem clients were so much impressed and appreciated by the extreme efforts the entire team had put up in managing the work so efficiently. So both the clients decided to reward a dinner party for the entire team in appreciation for their hard efforts. Which brings us to the title of this phase - "The greatest rewards come from the hardest struggles."

This was just a small try to describe the incidents that took place during that time. The reality is still too hard to be described in just words, which relies and will always rely in the hearts of only those who went through these situations and traveled their journey "from ashes to empire".

Enclosing, I would like to say: “The core objective behind writing this article was to just convey a good story about teamwork, dedication, trustworthiness, accountability, self-driven, hard efforts for the right purpose, going against all odds, giving the best under all unfavorable conditions and so on…. I’d be more than grateful if you can pick anything from here that motivated or inspired you to learn and grow ahead or makes your life any better in any form.

Thank you for giving a part of your precious time here. Hope you had a good reading time. Signing off”.

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