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Five Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Resources

  • Sep 06 2019
  • Posted by Webvillee
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Five Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Resources

Ever heard of the term ‘purple squirrel’? It is a term used by employers to describe a candidate with the right set of education, experience and skill sets for a job requirement. Here is a statistic that might show you the importance of hiring a good candidate as fast as is possible- the best candidates stay ‘available’ only for 10 days before they are hired by a competing brand. That not only makes hiring an in-house resource difficult but also expensive as you have to pay top dollars to retain someone valuable.

In the software development world, companies are looking to hire dedicated web developers big time as the industry is ballooning rapidly. What if you could hire from companies like us who have candidates with thorough skill sets who have been shortlisted after several rounds of vetting? Is it something that you have tried earlier?

Are you not sure how it would work out for you? What are your pain points in hiring dedicated web resource from the outside?


Let us walk you through five benefits of hiring dedicated resources:


#1 Highly skilled resources:

If you have an in-house web development team, they might be limited by their lack of expertise. Assuming your business works on high-quality projects, you can’t easily hire developers on an ad-hoc basis, they would also need time to understand how your business usually works to be able to make informed decisions. Hiring dedicated mobile app developers is easy for you as they are recruited after rigorous scrutiny and already have a working expertise in the areas most companies require help with.

Let’s say you are looking for dedicated mobile app resources or a dedicated web app resource, all you need to do is state the level of expertise, experience in the number of years or the type of applications worked upon that your business requires and you can hire them based on this.


#2 Flexibility of resources:

When you hire a dedicated web resource for your agency, one of your biggest advantages is that there will be a lot of flexibility in terms of their work timing or their working methodology. The dedicated resource that you hire will take the entire onus on themselves to finish the project for you. You can get a dedicated web resource for your business who will get the project delivered on time and within the budget agreed upon. You can either hire dedicated web resources full-time or on a part-time based on your requirements. When hiring a dedicated mobile developer for your time, you will be at an advantage because there is next to nothing when it comes to managing the resources? Why? Because we shoulder the responsibility to finish the project.


#3 Experienced resources:

When hiring dedicated mobile developers for agencies, you have the options to choose based on the kind of experience you want from them. If you are looking for a dedicated mobile app resource who has specific expertise in a particular technology with ‘X’ years of experience, you can share the same with us. The filters can even extend to asking for dedicated mobile app developers who have ‘n’ number of apps hosted on app stores or who have worked on certain environments.


#4 When there is a time crunch:

There are times when you are short of an expert resource and these can be testing times if the project is going to be launched shortly. Hiring a dedicated web resource from us will keep you at peace because you know that the ones who you hire come with truckloads of experience. Even your in-house team might find it difficult to complete a project, during times like these, you can safely depend on us as our dedicated web developers can be brought up to speed with a short meeting. Why? Because they have the wherewithal and understanding of complex technical concepts since they have worked on a plethora of projects in different niches.

During times like this, hiring an in-house developer within a short span of time is almost impossible and sometimes you never know if they are the right fit. With us, you at least have the options to try a different dedicated web resource if someone doesn’t work out according to your expectations.


#5 Advantageous when a huge team is required:

There are times when you need a large team to take you through to complete the project, it is difficult to hire in-house developers full-time at such instances. This is when hiring a dedicated web resource makes sense. Finding people with different skill sets can be a huge challenge, especially on short notice.

Outsourcing the task to hire dedicated web developers can save ample time, reduce costs and helps you concentrate on the thing that needs immediate attention instead of going on a head-hunting spree. There is also a huge pool of talent that you can hire immediately without having to take a bunch of long-drawn interviews which will lead to a dead-end, more often than not



These are some of the reasons why companies prefer hiring dedicated resources instead of hiring in-house developers for a job. Having a dedicated web development team working for you in an offshore place essentially means that the headache of managing a team is completely on the assigned dedicated manager who will take care of it (think last-mile delivery).

Since face-to-face meetings are not possible when you hire offshore resources, the only extra effort that you need to take is to use a project management platform like Slack, Jira, VersionOne or Mingle to keep a check on the process. That is the only thing you need to do. Outsourcing puts you at an incredible advantage because of the above reasons, it would be unwise in this highly-connected world not to use it to your advantage.

If you have an important project and you are at your wit's end trying to find your purple squirrel, fret not, Webvillee is here to help you. We have a large pool of dedicated web developers that you can hire for your business needs.

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