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Dedicated Resources - A New offering from Webvillee

Webvillee Dedicated Resources
  • Oct 01 2019
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Dedicated Resources - A New offering from Webvillee

Webvillee is your premier IT consulting services partner, we are known for our mobile and web application development, enterprise mobility solutions, IT consulting services and animation services. We have made a small tweak to our business model. Our team has worked with different clients around the world on a variety of projects. Of late, we have had a torrent of requests from our clients who wanted to hire our employees as dedicated resources. True to our business mantra of keeping clients, we have acceded to that request. 


If you want to hire dedicated resources for your business, Webvillee is here with its vastly experienced pool of resources. 


Why hire dedicated resources with Webvillee?


Webvillee has a strong footing in the industry thanks to its many years of being in the IT business.  They work with major technology platforms to create scalable apps and websites for their clients. Webvillee doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all theory. We believe in personalization, which is why our requirements gathering phase is long even though it is a highly refined process thanks to our wealth of experience. The dedicated resources that you hire from us are highly experienced and have a deep understanding of technology. Some of the technologists have expertise in sub-niches which are difficult to hire elsewhere. 

  • Get access to highly experienced resources who have a wealth of experience to their names
  • Track your project’s progress with project management tools like Basecamp, Jira, Slack, etc, of your choice 
  • You will have a separate Account Manager who will ensure that no issue crops up whatsoever in your project
  • No hidden costs that are billed to the client. Expect total transparency from us
  • Hire more resources based on your requirements on an ad-hoc basis making it easy to scale your project
  • Webvillee has the necessary infrastructure and subscription tools to work on projects of any scale remotely
  • End-to-end project management where the client does not have to worry about the outcome
  • The proper communication system in place to ensure that there is clarity


Webvillee’s hiring process explained:

The projects that we take up are important to us as our reputation is on the line. The aim is not to do ‘Ok’ work, but rather create an amazing experience for the client so that they keep coming back to us. It is important that we have a hiring process that ensures that our work is always gold. This is what our hiring process entails: 


Thorough Screening Process:

The applicants we get for the Webvillee team are thoroughly vetted even before they sit with us for an interview. Since the initial process is difficult, the applicants to become dedicated resources are usually of high qualification. They are given a series of tests that assess their abilities in their respective niche. Only if they qualify, would they be able to get an interview with us? 


On-the-job monitoring:

Even after the dedicated mobile app developers and dedicated web developers are inducted into Webvillee, they are still monitored so that they get an idea of how Webvillee works. Why? Because we follow a unique system that helps us accomplish things successfully. They are also trained on new technologies if we find the need to equip them with more skills based on the specific requirements of clients. 


The pool of experts at our disposal:

Webvillee has a unique standing in the technology world as it has been present in this ecosystem for quite some time now. This has helped us forge strong relationships with many dedicated mobile app developers and dedicated web developers. This way, we always have a pool of candidates who are ready to work on a project at short notice. 


This is what happens when you send us a request for dedicated resources:


We understand your requirements and go back to the drawing board to understand the skillsets necessary to make your project happen. Once we have a clear idea of the kind of experts that your project needs, we match the resources with the corresponding skillset. 

Once we send the list to you, you can shortlist based on your criteria and interview them. This way, you will gauge how they would fare when working with you. Once you are satisfied with the interviews, you can make a decision and get started on the project. There is total transparency and at no point in time would you be kept in the dark about any aspect of our partnership. 


Industries that our dedicated resources have expertise in:


Healthcare: Our dedicated resources have worked with hospitals, health care startups, and pharma giants. They have developed full-suite of applications and websites catering to their requirements. 


Banking & Finance: Webvillee’s team understands the kind of strict protocols the Banking and NBFCs have for their industry. Client’s privacy is important to us and we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the dedicated resources you hire from us follow the dictum without fail.


E-learning: One of the fastest-growing industries recently, we have been lucky to work with a few education startups that want to create a dent in the online learning space. We have a fair understanding of how this industry works, why stickiness is an important factor to include during the development process and more insights that we have thanks to our experience here. 


Ecommerce: The world is shopping online and if you want a big piece of the pie, the dedicated mobile app resources you hire from Webvillee will be able to help you carve a niche for yourself. Our dedicated resources have the necessary experience to create e-commerce applications with payment gateway integration for you to sell online. 


Media & Entertainment: The Webvillee team will be glad to create interactive web solutions that will keep the users hooked. The media and entertainment industry requires a lot of glamour, we understand the kind of features in mobile applications that would work. 



Webvillee has time and again proved that it can deliver excellent work, our case studies and testimonials are there for all to see. If you are looking to hire dedicated resources for your business, we would be more than happy to partner with you. All the projects have a separate Account Manager who oversees the implementation of the project and will act as the POC for you. Let us get top class results for you. 

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