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Can startups afford to hire a good dedicated resource?

Dedicated Web Resources
  • Oct 03 2019
  • Posted by Webvillee
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Can startups afford to hire a good dedicated resource?

Businesses need to hire the best resources they can possibly afford to keep their clients satisfied and do brilliant work. WebVillee is a staunch ambassador for hiring dedicated resources. Would we share the same emotions about startups being able to hire dedicated resources? Absolutely.


When you are a startup, offering stock options will look like the easiest option to take, but it can also bring about a lot of churns as they would be willing to jump ship for a more lucrative opportunity. You can’t blame them either, they do this in their best interests. 


Hiring interns for paper pushing work is fine unless they have experience in the technology domain, you will struggle to get work done. This can seriously affect the output of your work. Having dedicated resources help you in creating processes that will transform your business. 


Here is why startups can afford to hire dedicated resources from an offshore agency:


#1 You can decide the time period:

Most startups cannot afford to hire the services of a full-time member, especially for development projects that requires a lot of experience. When you hire dedicated web app resources from an agency, you can choose to dictate the time period of the contract. Also, you can get work done based on the budget so that you don’t feel shortchanged. You are not tied to the offshore agency, you can negotiate the contract based on what is best for you.  

If the requirement for a particular task is temporary, it certainly doesn’t make sense to hire someone full-time given the salary you need to pay as well as the overheads associated with it. This is when hiring dedicated mobile app developers from an offshore agency like WebVillee makes a lot of sense. 


#2 Run a virtual office:

If you want to reduce your overheads, thanks to offshore agencies who can work on your projects, it is entirely possibly for you to do that. How cool would that be? Don’t worry about renting your space, paying for electricity, buying furniture and so on- all of which consumes hours of time as well. You can hire dedicated web developers who will work remotely. 

WebVillee feels that this is one of the biggest advantages when it comes to working with offshore agencies- the ability to work remotely. If you are a small business, overheads constitute more than 30% of your revenue. Imagine cutting down on your overhead costs. 

Here is one more aspect where startups can save on costs when they hire dedicated web developers from an offshore agencies- 1. No need to pay extra to HRs and 2. Don’t have to hire an Admin support team. These are costs that would create a huge dent in your pocket. 


#3 Work on milestones:

Most businesses are averse to paying 100% in advance when working with offshore agencies, especially when they are not fully sure if their requirements would be met. If you are not comfortable with an agency yet, it is possible for you to make payments based on the milestones in the project. This way, startups can easily work with dedicated resources. 

For eg, you can pay an initial advance of 20% for the dedicated resource to start the work. The remaining payment can be made in installments of 30% and 50% or however you deem fit. 

#4 Scale fast:

Startups are at a better advantage to scale fast if they use dedicated resources especially when it comes to niche skillsets. Why? It is expensive to hire full-time employees, and more so when you are looking for work that requires a unique understanding of certain technologies. When you hire dedicated web developers, you can work with them based on your needs after which you can stop working with them. 


#5 Zero investment on infrastructure:

Apart from hiring full-time employees on a monthly salary, there is also the added cost of having the necessary IT infrastructure to get things done. It requires a gamut of complex software systems and applications. When you hire dedicated mobile developers through an offshore agency, you would not have to worry about it as the necessary infrastructure would already be in place. 

You don’t have to invest in costly equipments, let it be hardware or software tools. Businesses these days have to subscribe to a lot of tools for their IT needs, the offshore agency will take care of this. 


#6 Zero investment in training:

When you have full-time employees in the technology space who take care of development, you need to keep them abreast of the changes happening in the industry. You need to send them for offline workshops, help take online courses, get certifications and so on. All of this would be detrimental in keeping your costs low. 

When you hire dedicated resources, it should be something that should not bother you. Your entire focus is on getting your work done. The offshore agency will ensure that the dedicated resources you hire are amply trained and are good at what they do. 



If you are a startup with a lean pocket, there is no better time than now to hire dedicated developers. With thousands of business going lean to reduce their overheads, you get to add one more layer of cost reduction by hiring dedicated resources without compromising on quality. 

There are certain caveats that comes with hiring offshore agencies. The onus is on you to find out if they understand your requirements and if they have worked on your niche. It is important that you go ahead with hiring dedicated developers after asking them a series of questions and gauge their level of expertise. If you fail to do this, don’t be surprised if you regret your decision.

Testimonials, references, and portfolio should be thoroughly assessed before making someone your IT partner. It is a lot of responsibility and like all businesses, it depends on the relationship. If you are looking to hire dedicated resources, WebVillee is here to cater to your needs.

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