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Benefits of hiring dedicated mobile and web app developers

Benefits Of Hiring Dedicated Developers
  • Oct 30 2019
  • Posted by Webvillee
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Benefits of hiring dedicated mobile and web app developers

The expertise of the developers, both web and mobile applications that work on your website and app respectively should have a certain standard. Otherwise, it will reflect on the outcome of the work. This is why businesses reach out to respected companies like WebVillee to hire dedicated mobile and web app developers. It is always wise to hire dedicated mobile app developers from a company that comes with a lot of references and has a brilliant portfolio to show. 


Hiring dedicated mobile and web app developers from a reputed offshore agency come with a lot of benefits. Here are 7 of them:


Highly milestone oriented:

When you work with dedicated mobile and web app developers outsourced from an offshore agency, they will give you an idea of what can be expected from them. The entire project will be divided into different milestones so that you will know clearly on which date the tasks will be done so that you can be better prepared. The onus is on the offshore agency to ensure that the timing is strictly adhered to, this reduces a lot of stress for you. 

They will have dedicated account managers whose only task is to keep the developers associated with your project motivated and highly productive. Since offshore agencies like WebVillee has worked with many different clients over the years, they would be at a better position to exceed your expectations.


Time to market:

A dedicated offshore agency is much more prone to completing your project much ahead of time. Let’s say that you are doing an in-house project, there will be days when you will have less number of employees working due to exigencies or even worse, there will be cases of employees leaving to work for a different company. These are situations that a business can never really be prepared for. 

But when you work with a dedicated offshore agency, there would be no such problems. Why? Because they have a huge pool of dedicated resources whose services can be summoned at the click of a button. It is as simple as that. We are not only talking about hiring extra hands if you want to scale the project but also accounting for leaves and resignations of important resources. 


Budget sensitive:

No matter what your budget is, or the size of your company, offshore agencies can always work around it. How? Since they have worked with hundreds of companies on a varied set of projects, they would easily be able to estimate the number of man-hours required for creating a mobile application or a website and can adjust the billing based on the capacity of the client. 

You can also work with the offshore agency on a payment structure that both of you are comfortable with. You can either pay them by the hour or assign a fixed rate for the project based on the scope or a milestone-based payment structure. 



When you work with a 3rd-party agency, security might be one of your biggest worries. But fret not, experienced offshore agencies know where to draw the line in terms of sharing information within its team. Also, you can incorporate a security clause in the contract so that there is no question of a breach at all. The entire idea of the project, source code or your data- all of these is secure. 


Varied set of resources:

One of the biggest advantages of working with a full-fledged offshore agency is that you don’t have to go out of your way to find out another resource who is an expert in a different field, like UI/UX, Digital marketing, explainer video creation, etc. Most of the resources would be at their disposal. All you need to do is ask- as simple as that. This saves you a lot of time as well which could be better spent on marketing your services or bettering your product offering. In fact, you can be a single person and still get a lot of work done by outsourcing the entire project to an agency like WebVillee. 


Time to concentrate on your core work:

When there is another agency involved that takes care of all the work, you get to enjoy time that can be solely invested in making a better product. This is so important and such an advantage, something that most businesses don’t understand. You get customers mainly because you have a stellar product, not because your mobile app is interesting to spend time on, right? 

If you have an in-house team working on different aspects like social media marketing, mobile app, creatives, etc, then you need to spend hours together managing all of this. All you need to do is hire a full-fledged agency like WebVillee and allow them the freedom to weave magic with their expertise while you strive to build a better product for your customers. Win-win for everybody involved, right? 


Support and Maintenance:

It is understandable that you hire an offshore agency because you don’t have the expertise in-house to deal with various technologies. Once the contract is over and your application or website is made, there is still work involved in terms of maintenance so that it works smoothly. You don’t want your customers to complain that it takes a lot of time to load or if a form isn’t working. This is where you need to get into another contract with the agency where you hire them on a retainer and get support and maintenance services from their team. 


Mobile phones are ubiquitous and people are ready to make payments online, this increases the importance of websites and mobile applications. Before you choose to hire a dedicated web and mobile app developer, please do basic research on who the best vendors are in the market. See the kind of work these companies have done, who they have worked with, ask for references from customers, and so on. Most importantly, find an offshore agency that has the same outlook, attitude and vision as you. 

It is best to choose the services of an experienced agency like WebVillee that will make your job easier. We have worked with many companies of different sizes and budgets. There would be no compromise on the quality of the output though- that’s a promise. 

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