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Be the Winner in Mobile App Development Game in 2020

Mobile App Development Game In 2020
  • Oct 23 2019
  • Posted by Webvillee
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Be the Winner in Mobile App Development Game in 2020

If you want to be on top of the mobile app development game in 2020, then you need to keep yourself updated constantly as the entire technology landscape keeps changing regularly. No matter which industry you are in, technology is growing so fast at a rate that is difficult to keep up. If you are looking to hire a dedicated mobile app resource who is abreast of all the latest changes in the field, then look no further than Webvilllee. 

Retail, eCommerce, Banking, Real Estate, Entertainment, no matter which industry you are in, it is impossible to be oblivious to the mobile app world as the entire digital industry is dependent on it. When the need arises for dedicated mobile app developers, ensure that they have worked in your niche earlier so that they would be able to relate with the challenges in your industry. This will help them create mobile apps that cater to the sensibilities of the users in your industry. 


Here’s how you can be the winner in the mobile app development game in 2020:


#1 Blockchain:

This is one of those technologies that is so revolutionary that governments around the world are scrambling to either stifle its growth or adopt it openly. A report by Deloitte says that 84% of executives are of the opinion that Blockchain will become mainstream soon. More importantly, this report says that businesses that would not adopt the Blockchain technology would lose significant competitive advantage. 

Angel List has more than 3,000 blockchain companies listed. The numbers are only going to increase and a mobile app developer should be on top of this technology. Hiring a Blockchain-based dedicated mobile app developer should be on your priority list if you are raring to get a hold on this industry. 


#2 Instant Apps:

They are known to have greater conversion rates among customers than a fully-fledged app. Instant mobile apps are a native mobile application that doesn’t require you to download and install on your phone. They are smaller in size compared to the regular app and provide basic functionalities that are associated with a website. Consumers who do not have Internet connectivity or use low-spec phones will find it extremely useful. 


#3 Chatbots:

They have gone mainstream and how! The Chatbots market is expected to reach USD 7591.82 million by 2024. A chatbot is an AI-driven application that converses with a human being to solve problems or answer queries. This enhances the efficiency of your business while reducing operational stress. People are open to using messenger applications and there has been no reduction in its adoption rate at all. Chatbots are known to significantly reduce abandon rates on mobile apps. 


#4 Internet of Things:

IoT is slowly penetrating into every industry that you can think of. Here’s a statistic that will blow your mind. The IoT connected devices market is expected to grow by 75.44 billion worldwide by 2025. The fact that it can interlink different aspects of an organization or devices makes it appealing. Thanks to IoT devices, open-source development will be the norm as businesses would want more mobile apps developed around this. There will be a lot of collaboration between companies and mobile app developers, this will significantly increase the growth of mobile-based applications. 

IoT will also spawn a trend where mobile app developers who can create cross-platform apps will be in much demand. If you are looking to work with a dedicated mobile app developer who has experience working on IoT based apps, then choose the WebVillee team. 


#5 Cloud Mobile Apps:

For the uninitiated, a cloud mobile app is a software that can be accessed by different types of portable computing devices. A cloud app is written on a virtual server in a distributed multi-tenant architecture. Cloud apps work on all the platforms and are significantly cheaper than building a native app for the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. A native app can take anywhere between 6 and 12 months to build while a cloud mobile app’s time to market is faster. Also, you don’t have to create your app for both the Apple and Android platform separately. With cloud mobile apps, your data is safer and you can expect mobile payment companies to get all their apps made using this technology. 


#6 Mobile Wallets:

With technologies like IoT and decentralized platforms getting mainstream, expect a number of payment companies to spring up. People want to make online transactions without worrying if their information is being compromised. Creating encrypted mobile apps ensures that the user’s money isn’t usurped by criminals or be exposed to other vulnerabilities. You might want to hire experienced dedicated mobile app developers who would be able to create a strong suite of security features in the payments app.


#7 Wearables:

This industry has seemed to open up a bunch of opportunities that were non-existent earlier. Wearable technology is more popular than hand-held technology and the numbers are only set to increase. The wearable industry is expected to result in a market volume of USD 17, 427 million by 2023. The implications of this industry are immense. It can affect several domains such as fitness, healthcare, education, media, disabilities, transportation, music, gaming, communication, and more. 

With its increasing demand, there is going to be a huge market for mobile apps that are specific to these industries. It might lead to creating apps that have ergonomic user-interface, be capable of large computational capability, allows for seamless data transmission, have advanced interactive features and so on. 



Unless something extremely drastic happens, the demand for mobile app developers will never wane down. To ensure that you are on top of the mobile app development ecosystem, you need to be updated with the above technologies that we have mentioned above. 

While it would be impossible to be good at all of these technologies, you can choose your own niche. If you are a business that is looking to hire dedicated mobile app developers for these niches, then WebVillee has the answer for you. 


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