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7 Technology Trends to Watch in 2019

  • Dec 20 2018
  • Posted by Webvillee
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7 Technology Trends to Watch in 2019

Holla! It’s been a long year, yeah? In case you missed on last one month of updates about 2019, constant disruption is going in all the industries including technology! Technology has advanced to a level where everything around feels like magic. Oh, well! Talking about 2019, this year is going to witness some landmark transitions from the tech aspect. Tech trends every year determine the landscape of the shaping future. They transform, accelerate and sometimes decelerate the impacting industries throughout the year. These trends lay the foundation of the transitions and affect the owners and shareholders of the industries alike. Trends are to be embraced and paced up along with or you may face a deadly extinction in seclusion. Every year, the significance of the trends is indicated clearly by the tech giants. You might be intrigued to learn about what will rule the tech world in the year 2019. Hold your horses and let’s take a look at the tech trends of 2019:


5G Technology

Talk about any breath-taking innovation and you will realize that 5G is the necessary underlying technology for it. Whether it is drone, autonomous vehicle, IoT, supercomputer, the list goes on. Now, that 5G is on your close watch, expect the improvement in processing speed by 10 times in 2019 by the virtue of 5G technology. With this technology in place, the remote surgery in rural areas will now be possible. It may sound way too futuristic to some but soon it will become the reality of our lives. Given that AI-powered robot surgeons are marked by innovation, excellence, and accuracy in the operating room.


Electric Cars: Beyond Tesla

It is instinctive to think about Tesla whenever electric cars come to mind. It is like a substituted term for electric cars. But this year, the landscape of the electric cars will change drastically. Following the lead of Tesla, Jaguar, Audi, Aston Martin, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz are going to launch electric cars in the luxury car segment this year. If budget is a constraint for you, more affordable models like the Mini E and Volvo XC40 are expected to come in below $50000. These cars are the indicators that we are reaching mass availability shortly in case of electric cars. All the prominent car makers are coming up with some kind of electric car in the showroom in 2019. This is a remarkable achievement in the area of electric mobility as it was the most awaited innovation all through the last decade. Bid goodbye to combustion engine as in less than half a decade electric cars will take over the mass market.


Machine Learning: Continued improvements

The year 2019 will witness smart business operations as now Machine learning will be embedded in the business platforms. Rapid developments will be seen in the robotics and autonomous vehicle industry. In the last decade, mankind has developed a narrow artificial intelligence, a far superior version of AI is expected this year. This will be possible with the convergence of AI, machine learning and deep learning. Once learning technologies are aligned with AI, the results will be exemplary.


Quantum Computing (Supercomputing)

Quantum Computing is one of the most awaited and budding technologies. It fascinates researchers, organizations, and governments equally, which is implied by the fact the work on this technology is going on for a century now. Not far are days when the computational power of quantum computers will reach masses as they will be available on the cloud rather than just being on-premise machines. Leading the pack, IBM is already into offering cloud-based quantum computing services.


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

The one word for all the advancements in Augmented reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality i.e. R+ will continue to be in highlight in 2019 as some fascinating new practical applications are en route for industries. With former popularity in video gaming, R+ is now found useful in various other industries as well. For instance, engineering design, healthcare, space exploration, manufacturing, and so on.


Same day delivery at your doorstep

Getting things delivered at home is nothing new, right? Like Sears catalog was doing the same for 125 years then Amazon took over and created a modernized version of Sears. But, there is still a gap of a good 4-5 days for an order to reach you in many places. In the year 2019, app-based delivery services will catch steam and will disrupt the market entirely. Now, no more waiting for your orders. Just like food-delivery giants like UberEats, Amazon is gearing up to ensure same day delivery at your doorstep. The point is how successful are these app-based delivery behemoths. The faster they are grabbing the market the more cash they are burning. DoorDash, another app based delivery giant, has raised $535 million investment from SoftBank. This may not turn out as a profitable venture given the overheads are way too high. Let’s watch for the results at the end of 2019. On a good note, you can expect instant delivery for almost everything by the end of this year that’s what we know for sure.


Blockchain technology

Say hello to the technology which is going to bring the first enterprise apps in active use! In the year 2019, the best of the innovative corps are going to use Blockchain for improving collaboration. Also, the cryptocurrency transactions are to become an integral part of the business this year. Just imagine a world that has gone cashless entirely with complete transparency and accountability. Goosebumps? Get used to it as this is shortly going to become the reality of our world. Stay tuned with us for more such gawking updates on what’s hot in the tech world. Don’t forget to follow us on Twiiter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ This post is from Webvillee, your trusted IT partner in mobile app development, web development, UI/UX designing, Blockchain services, and e-commerce web development. For more info, contact us here

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