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5 Client Concerns About The Perceived Disadvantages Of Hiring Dedicated Resources

Disadvantages Of Hiring Dedicated Resources
  • Nov 28 2019
  • Posted by Webvillee
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5 Client Concerns About The Perceived Disadvantages Of Hiring Dedicated Resources

Hiring Dedicated resources for developing a business or brand’s website, web app or mobile app is a common practice. Dedicated resources bring down project costs as you don’t have to pay the same as you would to an in-house development team, or spend on infrastructure or training. They can also offer quick results and more flexibility, depending on the project requirements. For all of these reasons, many companies choose to hire dedicated web developers or dedicated mobile app developers. 

Despite these advantages of hiring dedicated resources, a few business owners may still be hesitant to hire them. As a company whose customers are always looking to hire dedicated web developers for agencies or even hire mobile app developers for agencies, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help allay the most pressing concerns you may have about hiring dedicated resources because of a few perceived disadvantages


#1: Will I be able to communicate with the team properly? 

Dedicated resource teams are usually off-shore or remote, but with the ultra-connectivity the internet provides, geographical location is no longer a concern. You can easily communicate with the entire team and with each individual developer, as the case may be, through email, chat, Skype or over a phone call. And with team communication and collaboration platforms such as Slack, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and others like them, it’s always easy to reach out to a  dedicated web developer or dedicated mobile app developers. Even the time difference is not an issue as many companies schedule shifts to suit the client’s working hours. 


#2: Will I get my project delivered on time?

There is no doubt about it. Unless you hire dedicated mobile app developers that are absolutely unprofessional, (Protip: Always stick with a reputed company like Webvillee), your projects will be delivered on time. In fact, you’ll be assigned a project manager that will schedule regular updates on the progress of your project and keep you informed of any delays if they arise. 


#3: How do I check for quality? 

Quality checks happen at two times. The first is when you check the previous work samples or portfolio of the dedicated mobile app developers you want to hire. Only if you are impressed with their work should your hire dedicated mobile developers. The next is during the project itself. At the completion of every task or phase, the work done will be submitted for review. This review process lets you give any feedback you may have, specify changes that need to be made and keep a check on the quality of the work done.  


#4: What about privacy? 

A client’s privacy is always a top priority for a dedicated web developer. A professional developer will never reveal any details about your website or app to a third party as it would tarnish their own reputation. Sharing confidential details is not only considered unethical but looked down upon quite harshly in the industry. Any contract you sign before you hire dedicated mobile app developers or web developers will most likely have a confidentiality clause included. To be doubly safe, you can even have your dedicated resources sign an NDA or non-disclosure agreement that would make it illegal for them to divulge any details. 


#5:What about accountability and control? 

Most dedicated resources have ample experience working remotely for clients from all around the world. Their work processes and company policies are therefore designed to be completely transparent so every person in the team is accountable for their individual tasks. This gives you as a client a great amount of control and clarity. You will never be kept in the dark about what exactly is being done on your project. Regularly scheduled progress updates and work reviews further help you hold the company accountable and provide plenty of control over your project as well. 


While these are generally the most popular concerns clients have about the perceived disadvantages of hiring dedicated resources, there really is no downside when you hire dedicated web developers or mobile developers. 


If you have any additional concerns and are looking to hire dedicated mobile app developers or web developers, leave us a mail at and we’d be happy to help clear your doubts and provide you with professional expert dedicated resources. 

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